22 April 2013

Noriben version 1.1 Released

I've made available the latest version of Noriben with some much-needed updates.

The greatest update is a series of added filters that dramatically help to reduce false positive items in the output. This was missing from the first release due to an oversight on my part, and an unknown usability feature in Procmon. I use my own personal Procmon filters for malware analysis, which are not provided for users to download. The mistake was that I was under the assumption that removing this filter file would prevent Procmon from using them and would provide me the output that everyone else would see. That was a wrong assumption; Procmon stores a backup in the registry.

After seeing the output produced when @TekDefense ran Noriben, I quickly realized the sheer amount of items that should not be in the report, and rushed to fix this.

While updating the filters, I applied a few new improvements under the hood in how filters were applied. Primarily, filters now support regular expressions, though I have not implemented any at this point. Additionally, filters can now include environment variables. So, instead of hard-coding "C:\Users\Brian\AppData\...", which would change on every single machine, a filter can read "%UserProfile%\AppData\...". This lends to greater portability of the script, allowing it to use the same filter set on any machine with no changes.

The new version of Noriben, version 1.1, is available on GitHub here.

If you have any errors or unusual items that you want to report, email the PML/CSV/TXT files (ZIP is fine) to brian -=[at]=- thebaskins -=[dot]=- com. Additionally, if you have any notable filter items that you would like to share, I will review them and, if helpful, add to the trunk with credit to you.

Update (30 Apr 13): I made a gross failure in testing the Regular Expression feature in version 1.1. In short, it didn't work. That's been rectified, and it's working perfectly. I also added some rules on how to create new rules, to meet the requirements of the regular expression parser.

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